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Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_The 7th Album ‘MAMACITA’_Highlight Medley

[ENG SUB] 140827 Weekly Idol Quiz - Who is the coolest member in EXO?

[SCANS] D.O for “Celebrity Magazine” September Issue

[INFO] Tao updated his Instagram DP. He used a picture from the “DIE JUNGS” photobook. 

[TRANS] 140827 Stylist Zhu Jianhua Weibo Update:

“Finally, looking forward to Wednesday, behind the scenes that will air on time. Once again a photo with Zhang Yixing, what’s on their thumb prints? Tonight at 10pm, we will see you on JiangsuTV Celebrity Chef Has Arrived》”

[OFFICIAL] EXO-M for 当代歌坛 Magazine

Lena Park, EXO-K, Girl’s Day, And More Artists Gather for “Infinite Dream MBC”

[INFO] 140827 EXO-K will attend “Infinite Dream MBC” on the 1st of September